Community and Connection

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Community and Connection
Nikon Z9 and 24-70mm Z lens

Life at the Almhouses by Scarlet Page I wanted to capture life at the Almhouses as part of exploring Community and Connection. It is something I would like to continue as there are many more residents to photograph and speaking with each,learning more about their life and how they arrived here has been fascinating. Almshouses are a charitable form of self sufficient, low cost community housing that is held in trust for local people in housing need. They are managed and run by almshouse charities made up of local volunteers. Today, 36,000 people are living full and independent lives in almshouses, finding friendships, wellbeing, safety and security inside their walls and within their communities. © Scarlet Page

Reverend Peter

Sitting in his vestry I captured the Reverend surrounded by his books where he spends many hours each day. Peter has been the Reverend at the chapel of the Almhouses for close to 12 years.

Ian (Matron) and Honey

Ian lives with his wife Sue in the Matron’s Cottage at the Almhouses. He has been the caretaker for 10 years. He has two granddaughters, for whom he made this playhouse, and Honey his dog.


Belinda has worked in the office at the Almhouses for 30 years, she has seen many come and go and although she only works a few mornings a week has a huge part to play in the running of the charity. She has a plot reserved in the graveyard behind the chapel as her final resting place, it is a very beautiful spot.


Having lived at the Almhouses for 17 years, Pauline cleans the chapel and maintains the flowers in the gardens, she has an allotment which blooms beautifully every summer and she encourages all to enjoy the space.


Mike has lived at the Almhouses for 17 years and every day he takes care of the grounds. He has a shed where he keeps all his tools and spends much of the day with a chainsaw or axe in his hands.

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Scarlet has become such a vital member of the Henley Literary Festival wider team. She met the brief perfectly, Scarlet is an absolute pleasure to work with.
Harriet Reed-Ryan
Henley Literary Festival
I would 100% recommend Scarlet on so many levels. If you want someone to capture YOU and the essence of YOU - deliver the most stunning results PLUS be the most epic human to be around for the whole experience - then you’re in the right place!
Katy Hill
She always puts the artist at ease and remains calm whatever challenges might arise. Bands *love* her and that’s probably why she gets so much great material from her sessions - they know they can trust her to deliver the goods and there’s never any stress.
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