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Your Child - Warchild
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Celebrities revealed for the first time the most important children in their lives, in one of the most personal and intimate of exhibitions. The project, by photographer Scarlet Page, and in association with the charity War Child, explores the deep bond that exists between child and carer.

With portraits of some celebrities better known for eyebrow-raising antics than child-raising tactics – including Sadie Frost, Shaun Ryder and Keith Allen – the exhibition offers a series of acutely tender moments that look beyond the famous face – and capture the parent, godparent, and aunt or uncle that exists in all of us.

War Child works with children in conflict areas to make sense of how the chaos of war can destroy even the most fundamental family connections, and to help rebuild the ties that bind. This exhibition will capture the softer side of some of the UK’s most recognisable faces. From musicians to actors, designers and dancers; from unborn babies to grown up children, each of the portraits resonates at a universal level. The mission and ethos of War Child inspired Page to explore the most powerful of human relationships – by capturing the very private moments of very public figures on film.

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Scarlet has become such a vital member of the Henley Literary Festival wider team. She met the brief perfectly, Scarlet is an absolute pleasure to work with.
Harriet Reed-Ryan
Henley Literary Festival
I would 100% recommend Scarlet on so many levels. If you want someone to capture YOU and the essence of YOU - deliver the most stunning results PLUS be the most epic human to be around for the whole experience - then you’re in the right place!
Katy Hill
She always puts the artist at ease and remains calm whatever challenges might arise. Bands *love* her and that’s probably why she gets so much great material from her sessions - they know they can trust her to deliver the goods and there’s never any stress.
Paul Baines Marketing Limited
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