On March 8th Scarlet flew to Argentina to prepare for her first major exhibition overseas. On the morning of Monday 11th Scarlet welcomed the first of 8 musicians to be photographed over the course of one day in two locations in Buenos Aires.

The day was a huge success and Lucrecia Lopez Sanz was followed by Juanse, Miguel Don Vilanova Botafogo, Kuber Diaz, David Lebon, Walter Giardino, Charly Garcia and the music journalist Claudio Kleiman was last but not least.

All the images had to be edited and retouched overnight in time to be printed, framed and mounted for the exhibition opening on the 14th.

The exhibition is running until the 5th May 2019 at Fola and has been the most amazing success so far featuring in all of the top Argentina printed and online press.

Charly Garcia
Kuber Diaz
David Lebon
Lucrecia Lopez Sanz
Miguel Don Vilanova Botafogo
Walter Giardino
Claudio Kleiman