Scarlet Page: 30 years in music photography

16 Mar 2024

11:00 - 12:00

Behind the Lens

Join Scarlet Page and Angela Nicholson to reflect on Scarlet's amazing 30-year career in the realm of music photography. They'll dive into the dynamics of Glastonbury Festival through Scarlet's lens, as she shares anecdotes from past and present. Tracing her transition from the tactile world of film to the precision of digital, Scarlet and Angela will discuss how these technological changes have sculpted Scarlet's approach to visual storytelling, before delving into the profound sentimental value music photography holds, and how it has evolved into an endeavor of selling prints, allowing fans to own a piece of their musical heritage.


Scarlet Page, Award-Winning Portrait & Music Photographer

Angela Nicholson, Photographer, Journalist, Reviewer

Essence in focus: Mastering capturing the depth of personality in photography

17 Mar 2024

16:05 - 16:50

Nikon (Stand B600)

Join Scarlet Page as she shares her artistic process behind her striking images, from her unique style and aesthetic to the power of storytelling.


Scarlet Page, Award-Winning Portrait & Music Photographer

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