A few months ago during lockdown 2.0 I received a heart warming email from a chap 'down under' called Ian.

The reminder that we lost Feeder's original drummer Jon Lee 19 years ago today made me want to share it with you;

"Hello Scarlet,

My reason for this email is to share some photos you took for a Feeder article in Kerrang! (03 August 2002).

The article was one of the first to have Grant and Taka discussing life after Jon, as Comfort in Sound was coming to fruition. It still is a beautiful album. Jon is still my favourite drummer to this day and shaped my drumming massively, so his loss as a 15 year old was devastating, especially being confronted with the notion of suicide. I know you had done photography of the guys from early years so no doubt it would have been a hard setting for you to be in as well. Probably very confronting! Not sure if you have much recollection of this shoot?

These photos you took were very raw, and capture a lot of emotion. I have had this article scanned in an archived hard drive and came across it this morning while getting set into my work day down here in Australia. Definitely hit hard re-reading. "

At this time of huge uncertainty and difficulties I thought it very relevant to talk about mental health and particularly male mental health. It is shocking to know that it is the biggest killer of men in their 40’s, Jon was much younger than this when he left this earth. He was such a big character, full of smiles and warmth. Suicide is such a tough death to process. Please look for the alternatives, there is help out there.

A few years back I worked on an exhibition 'Alpha' for CALM charity the calmzone raising awareness for male suicide prevention,  see some of the images here

Taka Hirose - Feeder
Grant Nicholas